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Black Lives Matter Movement

Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM Movement) is a US-based human rights movement organization created to help the African American community. Established not far ago, the BLM Movement campaigns against violence and racism perpetuated towards black people.

What We Do

BLM Movement is partnering with housing organizations, construction companies, medical organizations, and social services to provide much-needed assistance to every African American who needs it, or who supports BLM Movement. If you think you need our assistance please sign up on our website.

Although for the past few years, we have been working to help African Americans receive affordable housing for the past decade. Now that we have grown, we have diversified and expanded our positive impact.

There are four major areas we provide assistance and support in.

Our Focus

Above all, we are focused on raising money for African Americans in need, who can use it in their communities. We wish to see black people thrive, which is why we place great emphasis on fundraising.

We also are involved in three other major areas.


We work with housing organization owners who provide the opportunity for African Americans to become residents in safe and good communities.

We are focused on the following areas within California:

  • Santa Monica
  • Venice Beach
  • Manhattan Beach
  • Redondo Beach
  • West Hollywood

By introducing African Americans to zip codes with more resources, they gain access to better schools, as well as a healthier and safer environment. One of the ways construction companies we work with assist African American families is by conducting repairs whenever necessary to improve conditions of existing affordable housing communities. And we obtained funds to perform many repairs at Affordable housings by that time already. Please participate in this form of help our website.


We strive to work with schools located in areas that contain a higher degree of African Americans enrolled in schools. Helping those students in need of funding is one of our main priorities, including funding for food and transportation.

We are also in the planning and development stages for a new education center that will introduce African Americans into American society, teaching them the basics of what they need to know to thrive in the US. In our centers, each individual will get help with outlining their goals and help how to achieve those goals.


We are involved in several fundraising initiatives in order to raise money for the medical needs of African American Communities. We provide face masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves for our communities. We help fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and Opioid Epidemic , as well as for other medical needs.

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$150,000 People have given

Donations are the lifeblood of the BLM Movement. Without the generous support of activists like you, the work we do would not be possible. We simply can’t do it without you.

We currently do not receive any funding or donations from any governmental body, which has made it challenging to support the needs of so many African Americans. We are always encouraged to see the vocal support behind the movement, but right now, we need people to make financial contributions to help us do our part in helping the black community.